Nearshore Staff Augmentation & Software Development LATAM

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3 Octubre 2022
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Nearshore Staff Augmentation & Software Development LATAM


Not only can outsourcing deliver monetary benefits to small and medium enterprises, but it also can provide them with customized expertise to attain short- and long-term relief for their software development needs. According to Deloitte’s 2016 Global Outsourcing Survey, the top motivations for enterprises to outsource include cost-cutting and the abilities to focus on core business functions and solve capability issues. You may save money over the fixed price project model when using an agile software development model because the software consulting partner needs to inflate the expected cost of the project to cover unknowns in a fixed price model. You assume more risk, but this model gives you the maximum flexibility to adapt to your changing needs during the project.

A UX designer can create a mock-up of a workflow for you, and once it’s approved, then it can be given to software engineers to start developing according to design criteria. First, there is a fixed price project model which is exactly what it sounds like – you agree on a price at the beginning of the process and that is exactly what you pay for the work to be done. To do fixed price, a great deal of time needs to be spent up front on requirements gathering, design, developing the scope and developing a quote. Therefore, development teams often charge substantially more for fixed price projects because all of this up front work may be for nothing if the quote is rejected.

Located in Central America, this small country is still considered part of the latin america software outsourcing market, and it’s actually considered asthe next big outsourcing destination. There are many digital applications available to remind software developers of the list of tasks assigned to them. When there are vast numbers of tasks linked to a project, the nature of it can become complex. Project management applications like Asana, Basecamp and Trello can help software developers manage project tasks, calendars and conversation threads. The software consulting agreement – whether this is your first-time outsourcing software development or your fifth, you always need a software consulting agreement in place.

Allowing the internal team to focus on company priorities.Outsourcing frees up the valuable time of in-house employees so that they can focus on those matters that truly need their attention and knowledge of their in-house applications. Whether you are a CTO or a small business entrepreneur,outsourcing is one of the simplest ways of saving moneyand accelerating the software development procedure. Conducting a trial project may need you to invest in resources and time. However, it helps you to have a clear idea of how the experience of working together will be. For an IT solution to be successful, it must be deeply integrated into the existing technological environment. To be successful, any IT solution must be deeply integrated into the existing technological environment.


User experience design can play a key role in the process of outsourcing software development. The UX interface is not about just design but also about the functionality of the software. Ask your software development consultant whether they provide UX designers.

Jump-start your Business with the Top 1% of IT Talent.

We actually have talked about this in two previous reports which you can check outhere, andhere. Two blogs where we take a deeper look into Panama’s current software outsourcing and IT services market. Can significantly cut production costs since Argentina has one of the lowest software development rates in South America. Below are more tips for how companies can successfully outsource software development.

The team can have dedicated resources forquality and testing assuranceto make sure that the ultimate product is consistent for a better user experience. Our Solution Architects zero in on your operational, technological, and strategic challenges through an in-depth understanding of your business. We then design a strategic roadmap to guide your result-oriented digital transformation. Software Development Services Accelerate your tech projects with outsourced development.

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I’ve been involved with software development outsourcing for well over a decade. My company outsources software development to engineers in the U.S. and also in other parts of the world such as Pakistan, the Philippines and India. I’ve found that as globalization has picked up steam, so has the race to get the best software developers around the world. Many big-name companies are now hiring outside firms to develop their software and handle other technological needs. When selecting a software developer to outsource a project to, ask about how they handle such challenges. A software developer should be a critical thinker and have flexibility in solving problems.

IT Outsourcing Pros and Cons

Now, software outsourcing is the new norm for businesses of all types. Partnering with an outsourced software application development company has become a crucial step for any organization. Not only has the process enabled them to gain serious competitive advantages in their marketplaces, but it’s also allowed leaders to make better choices and execute their company business plans with ease and speed. Software development outsourcing enables organizations of all types to access a higher pool of resources in a flexible model where they don’t need to carry the cost of their own in-house employees. It is a practice that is commonly viewed as a key competitive advantage to automate a business process via custom software development. Consider that rarely does an organization develop all of their software in-house, especially during these uncertain times when employees are changing jobs frequently.

The culture/language barrier issue can be multiplied by the misunderstanding of organizational structure. These days, it’s common for most businesses to outsource some – or even all – of their custom business software development needs to a third-party provider. Sometimes they do this in an effort to get a better result than they’d be able to achieve on their own. Other times it’s done in an effort to save as much time in the process as possible. Either way, it helps them gain economies of scale regarding company resources, which in and of itself is critically important.

development team

Software development has been important for many businesses, as many business works can be managed through mobile or web apps or a business portal. Hence, building IT solutions is essential for any business nowadays in terms of productivity, efficiency, and saving costs. However,outsourcing software developmentfrom a local agency can cost you higher, and sometimes, results are also not up to the mark.

A Custom AWS Architecture for Audio Streaming

Cost savings.Businesses no longer need to hire and train their own in-house employees to achieve the desired result with a software project. Before hiring a development firm, you have to be sure about their capacities. Their functionality and performance can help you determine whether you wish to continue with them. Over the past decade, our customers succeeded by leveraging Intellectsoft’s process of building, motivating. Turn to our experts to perform comprehensive, multi-stage testing and auditing of your software. We recommend dedicated equipment if you need stand-alone equipment and your project will last more than four months.

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The main advantage here is that it is a fixed, predictable cost that you can adequately budget for. However, if anything is left out of the project specification or if you want to change something mid-stream, the team must rework the spec and submit a new quote for approval. If it’s possible, ask for post-development assistance from your development partner, whether they offer support via calls, email, or chat. Ensure they offer assistance or in such case, make sure the outsourced company trains your employees properly in solving issues that might appear in the future. Agile methodologies allow firms to keep a check on production and swiftly work during a project’s life cycle.


The aim of this work is to describe in detail on the current situation of outsourcing of Information Systems using the results of a survey carried out in the biggest Spanish firms. This is a longitudinal study that covers 12years, since the current results are contrasted with those of two surveys carried out previously in the same environment and by the same authors. The conclusions point to a preservation of the status quo in the configuration of the outsourcing and to a larger degree of maturity in the characteristics of the contracts. Security- finally, you should always make security arrangements that will be in place all throughout the development process. This includes the use of VPNs , antivirus software, two-factor authentication and more.


The misunderstanding of organizational structure can be another challenge for companies working with outside developers to overcome. It can take time for software developers to understand a company’s working methodologies. In some cases, the productivity level of a software developer can be affected due to a difference in time zones, culture or native language. Due to a difference in culture or language, for example, it is quite possible for software developers to misunderstand messages.

Make certain that all parties understand and agree on things like payment terms, for example, as well as timetables for deliverables. The agreement should also state that you own the intellectual property that is being developed and not the outsourcing provider. Finally, NDA wording should be included to make sure that your private information stays that way long after the project is completed. Requires the use of online project management tools that foster communication.This is a great way to make sure that all key stakeholders are on the same page and moving in the same direction at all times. After deciding your requirements, make a list of all the technologies you can choose.

How to deal with technical debt in software development – Whitepaper

Examination- be sure to look at actual code from the company so that you can get an accurate idea of just what quality they’re capable of delivering. Greater flexibility – outsourcing offers flexibility in both planning and execution, all for the benefit of the product. Unparalleled scalability- outsourcing is the perfect way to easily scale up and down in times of need without having to keep a fulltime employee on the payroll. Around the clock progress- outsourcing allows you to take advantage of development work that can be done 24 hours a day. Lower the cost of development – not only are you dealing with less overhead, but you also don’t have to worry about things like employee benefits or payroll taxes.

Outsourced teams have access to the industry-best software development tools for dealing with all projects and clients. Moreover, these teams may also followDevOps or Agile development methodsthat make them more efficient and productive. These procedures help accelerate on-time delivery, helping your organization boost its technical capacity quickly. While looking for talents,you are not location-limited with outsourcing. Rather, you get access to expert and well-qualified software engineers capable of managing your software projects or IT needs. Moreover, these organizations have expandedtech expertiseby working with different types of clients.

That, coupled with the COVID-19 pandemic, have shown just how necessary this IT outsourcing process truly is. Many software development firms are around us, but businesses often make mistakes and end up disappointed in their in-house software project. However, many companies are concerned about making thedecision of outsourcing software development projects due to their costs, but in most cases, those rates are significantly lower than the local development companies are. By now, we have talked multiple times aboutwhy you should outsoure your software development projects to latin america, andthe key to success in Latin America software outsourcing.

As the demand for outsourcing de desarrollo de softwarenology talent increases, the pool within some geographic areas appears to be shrinking fast. Companies are finding themselves in need of good talent that isn’t always available internally. Searching for honest and positive evaluations is crucial because you need to ensure that the software development firm you are employing has made the businesses of its clients simpler with their software building solutions.

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Posted: Mon, 12 Sep 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source] has a competitive cost and price ranges that offer a great solution for companies from USA and Canada looking for cost effective nearshore services. As a matter of fact, Argentina’s economy depends heavily on technological services, with IT services, hardware and business process outsourcing beingthe biggest sectors of the technological market in the country. So today we will take a quick look at the top 3 countries for software outsourcing in Latin America, and why you should choose to work with any of the nearshore companies located there.

  • However, even when organizations recognize in the outsourcing competitiveness and business strategy, the software development projects in outsourcing enviroments fails due to the inadequate project management.
  • Consider that rarely does an organization develop all of their software in-house, especially during these uncertain times when employees are changing jobs frequently.
  • Every organization is a bit different from the next – meaning that there really is no “one size fits all” approach to outsourcing web development.
  • Many software development firms are around us, but businesses often make mistakes and end up disappointed in their in-house software project.
  • Whenever delegating work to outsourced software development teams, you can expect to lose some control of the project.

Using our deep tech expertise, Top 1% Tech Talent, and industry-specific experience, we deliver the most elegant solution for your challenges. Won’t have to deal with drastically different time zones or language barriers that could difficult the software outsourcing process. Have access to top notch technology, professional software engineers and a huge talent pool to choose from. Outsourcing software development has emerged as a global trend in today’s digital world. Gone are the days when outsourcing was considered purely for budgetary reasons.